Kinderspital Zürich - Lia

The Children’s Hospital Zurich is launching a comprehensive fundraising campaign for the new Kispi-building, a centennial project. You’ve seen the Musikvideo-Clip CHAMPION.
Here you will find the touching story of two of Kispi’s (little) Rockstars.

Client: Kinderspital Zürich
Agency: Spinas Civil Voices

Executive Producer: Stefan Bircher
Producer: Sandra Vacić/Stefan Girtanner
Director: Mirjam & Lukas Fröhlich
Director of Photography: Sven Probst
1st Assistant Camera: Thomas Hrabovsky, Noman Tarar, Natalie Wallrapp
Sound Engineer: Dieter Meyer, Martin Scheuter, Florian Hinder
Gaffer: Marco Quandt
Runner: Noël Müller
Digital imaging technician: Gian Niggli
Camera Rental: Eberle Filmequipment
Light Rental: Blow Up

Editor: Martin Luchsinger / Fröhlich
Colorist: Simon Hardegger
Music: Great Garbo
Soundmix: Martin Scheuter

Thank you dear Crew for your donation.

The Children’s Hospital can offer sick children like Lia and Mael the best possible treatment.
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