Mirjam and Lukas not only found love in their creative work, but also in each other. But don’t be fooled by the niceness of this lovely couple – they’re not only in deft command of their projects but also have razor-sharp humor. Yes – working as a couple results in a clash of opinions. But isn’t storytelling about conflict and resolving it? Lukas has an eye for detail, Mirjam sees the picture as a whole. Lukas provokes, Mirjam strives to get through to the core of the human soul. It can be challenging at times. But by embracing their differences and working together as one, they are in a unique position to tell stories from a multi-angled point of view.

Searching for the uniqueness and beauty behind stereotypes, they don’t avoid clichés, but rather embrace them. In doing so, they never fail to put their unique stamp on human emotion and archetypical settings. How to best describe them as tightly woven, immaculately-shot, always striking the perfect balance between drama and wit? Maybe, quite simply, as the perfect marriage of art and entertainment.

Get in touch and get enchanted. Mirjam and Lukas would love to hear, what you have in mind for your next project. Rest assured that together with them, you will hit the ball over the roof and out of the park.