Greg Bray

Greg got into advertising, because his mum explained to him that “Working in advertising was
the most fun you could have with your clothes on.” Greg took up directing more out of necessity
than temptation. As creative budgets kept quashing his ideas as an agency creative director, he
took to directing them himself – and it turned out he enjoyed bringing ideas to life even more
than devising them. His past experience gives him a unique outlook as a director; he knows the
position of the creatives on the other side of the table and will fight tooth and nail for their
original ideas to come through.
Character based humour is the best way to describe Greg’s work. With a keen eye for casting and
comedy, Greg likes to keep it simple and let the characters and story shine – crafting every step in
the process. Often wacky, his commercials are always memorable, and always to the point.
Husband to a German wife, New Zealand-born Greg is today based in Berlin, but directs ads in
markets all across the globe. His work is rooted in character, and performance driven comedy –
perhaps no surprise given the brilliance of Kiwi humour.