TCS - Made Visible

In Switzerland, due to the energy crisis, street lighting is increasingly being switched off. In view of this, we have produced the “Made Visible Dance”. Through the dance film, we aim to motivate the population to protect themselves in the dark, by wearing reflectors.

Many thanks to the crew and dancers, who have endured this cold night with us!

Agency: Farner Consulting AG

Executive Producer: Stefan Bircher
Junior Producer: Dimitri Siegrist
Director of Photography: Sven Probst
Trinity Operator: Stéphane Karaji
Costume: Lauren Isabel Fuhrimann
Make Up: Dunja Schwery
Hair: Celia Benoni
Gaffer: Lukas Graf

Dancers: Alanah Mörgeli, Samuel Jordenkhangsar, Venance Gwladys, Ismael Lorenzo, Lisa Perissinotto

Editor: Nicolas Bechtel
Colorist: Simon Hardegger
Music: Jonathan C. Meier

Licht/Kamera-Equipment und Grip: Alex Herzog/BLOWUP-Studio
Kamera-Equipment: Eberle Filmequipment/Moving Image Europe/Ansich