A tiny virus with an enormous impact on us all, Covid-19 forces us to pause for a moment. At the same time this standstill opens up new possibilities, giving us room to look at our lives from another perspective and to question the things we take for granted.

It is here that the short film ECHO, by director Noël Dernesch begins. In the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown Noël visits two mountaineers and holds a philosophical dialogue with them about their new day to day life and their personal views of the crisis in picturesque Grindelwald.

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Director: Noël Dernesch
Cast: Hans Schild, Andreas Abegglen
Production: Shining Pictures
Producer: Sophie Toth
Director of Photography: Daryl Hefti
Editor: Wolfgang Weigl
Music: MassiveMusic

Line Producer: Yanik Müller
1st Assistant Camera: Marius Mahler
Sound Mixer: Dieter Meyer
Drone: Birdviewpicture
Light-Rental: Leuchtturm Filmbeleuchtung AG
Camera-Rental: Eberle Filmequipment
Colorist: Samuel Muff (SLGH)
Graphics: Filmgraphik
Soundmix: Jingle Jungle Tonstudios
Filmförderung: SRF, BAK

LOCKDOWN COLLECTION by SWISS Filmmakers initiated by Turnus film, Frederic Gonseth, Cinedokke