Kinderspital Zürich - Champion – Edi Gold

Here it is again, the Children’s Hospital Zurich’s comprehensive fundraising campaign for the new Kispi-building, that focuses on the Kispi’s (little) Rockstars.

Client: Kinderspital Zürich
Agency: Spinas Civil Voices

Executive Producer: Stefan Bircher
Senior Producer: Stefan Girtanner
Director: Marco Lutz
Director of Photography: Ralph Baetschmann
Casting: David Haisch

Editor: Jero Fähndrich
Music: Dodo / Marco Jaeger
Soundmix: Jingle Jungle Tonstudios

And here is SBB’s personal insight into the everyday life of their employees as they share their exciting news: Vacancies from 60% onwards are now being advertised.

Client: SBB
Agency: Farner Consulting

Executive Producer: Stefan Bircher
Line Producer: Gustaf Richter
Junior Producer: Laurent Arber
Director: Mirjam und Lukas Fröhlich
Director of Photography: Sven Probst

Editor: Jero Fähndrich, Bobby Good, Fröhlich
Colorist: Samuel Muff @SLGH
Music: Great Garbo
Soundmix: Bardo Eicher