Simon Wannaz

At Twelve, Simon makes his first short films with a bunch of friends, a box of lego, and some homemade firecrackers. Since that explosive experience, Simon has never stopped making films, developing a love for storytelling, editing, and visual effects.

After Art School, Simon began creating music videos, short films, and web commercials, earning Best Swiss Music Video and Best Craft Film at GRAND in 2014. That same year, moved to New York to develop its storytelling style and own brand of humor.

Since 2009, Simon worked on commercials for Canal+, FIFA, IBM, McDonald’s, and branding projects for VICE’s VICELAND, NETFLIX as well as VFX Supervisor on music videos for the Weeknd and various commercials.

Now based in Switzerland, Simon is a multidisciplinary problem solver, he brings stories to life with a mix of practical and digital, loves arts, cats, firecrackers, and writing bio in the third person.