Noël Dernesch

Noël Dernesch’s peculiar way to see the world, his special way of visual thinking as well as his confident collaboration with partners, colleagues and actors, characterized by empathy and awareness determines his behavior and leads to deep, surprising and touching results.
No matter if he is on the road somewhere to shoot another award-winning documentary or to implement his personal vision of a better, more inspired way of advertising or music-videoism – His works are smart, modern and visually expressive. Are contingent on soulfulness, hope and
a sometimes subtle, sometimes absurd kind of humor.
Noël’s films always meet his audience at eye level, work successfully and receive multiple awards.
Noël Dernesch is a free-thinker. He lets himself in for people and situations. Goes in depth. Dismantles the obvious, the traditional and the apparent. He seeks the truth behind the truth and the people behind the stories.
His studies at the University of Art and Media Design in Zurich inspire him to create such innovative video art that exhibitions in galleries in London and Zurich follow.
Noël was born and raised in Zurich. He currently resides in Berlin Kreuzberg with his Partner Janice and their Son. Spare moments off family and work he spends cooking, studying art and traveling the