Joel Cruz

Joel is an award-winning Director and Creative Director bringing a global vision to the Swiss market.

With a multidisciplinary background spanning advertising agencies, brand-side experience at Google and international productions as a director, Joel possesses the rare ability to not just dream up ideas, but also bring them to life.

Beginning at Miami Ad School Europe, Joel worked at top agencies in Stockholm, São Paulo, and spent a decade in Tokyo. His creative journey instilled a uniquely global perspective, allowing him to craft captivating campaigns, using a documentarian approach to unearth universal human truths.

For over five years at Google in Tokyo, Joel spearheaded brand love across APAC through innovation,  storytelling and advertising. Working alongside a powerhouse of creatives, marketers, and technologists, he was tasked with telling the powerful stories Google’s users write everyday.

What truly sets Joel apart? His unique blend of advertising prowess and production expertise. Joel possesses a keen eye for detail while never losing sight of the big picture, allowing him to translate your brand visions into impactful and emotionally resonant campaigns.

After a decade in Japan, Joel is now back in his home country of Switzerland.