Barnabas Wilhelm

I am Barnabas, an austrian-english director, living in Berlin. The most important thing to know about me, is that I absolutely love making good films. Films, that are honest and authentic, that have carefully directed performances, and that captivate through the visual language I create. My work is driven by my curiosity, which makes it difficult to pigeonhole my style, as I am passionate about emotional storytelling, just as much as I am creating high end visual feasts for fashion brands. The aim always is to inspire and ignite a spark within the audience.

Before moving to Berlin I lived in London for ten years, where I studied and directed fellow student colleagues, such as Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Alexander Dreymon(Last Kingdom). There I also assisted world renown directors such as Ridley Scott and Alejandro Gonzales Iñárritu, all the while continuing to direct short films and music videos.

Nowadays, I direct global campaigns for brands like HP, C&A, Alpha Tauri, Bershka and Arm and Hammer to mention a few, and besides that, I creative directed a few of my HP commercials. What else… Oh yes, I love taking pictures, I am the youngest of six children and I have a slight austrian accent. Now go check out my work, and let’s make some beautiful films together.