360° Snowboard & Freeski Experience

Link me to the 360°-Version:
Works best in Google’s Chrome-Browser or on your Samsung Smartphone.

Look around 360° while playing our latest work. Find Gian’s back3, Dave’s Spray, Pats frontflip and much more.
Thank you Lads for going all the way with us and this rather fresh yet ground-breaking technology. 

Client; Samsung Electronics Switzerland GmbH
Agency; Millhaus GmbH
Director; Martin Luchsinger
DoP; Matteo Attanasio / Polymorph Pictures
Rider; Dave Hablützel, Pat Burgener, Kim Gubser, Gian Simmen
Music; Pat Burgener
Line Producer; Gustaf Richter
360° Cameras/Production/Post: Feit Film GmbH, Claus Feit
Photography; Gian Paul Lozza